Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long time, no write

In case anybody checks this site out occasionally, I apologize for not updating for so long. We got the jobs!!!!!!!!!! We will be moving to South Dakota this spring, we are looking at mid May, and this is why. The school is so generous that they help pay rent for three months or provide an apartment at a local apartment complex with whom they have some sort of arrangement. Great! We could be out here in two weeks or less. Umm, no pets allowed. GRR. So we got a list of renters from the chamber of commerce, surprisingly long for a town of 2500. One one bedroom apartment available, no pets allowed! GRRRRR. We have two cats and a black lab. Part of the family, they are. So we dashed back to SD this past weekend, looked at two houses, put an offer on one, applied for and were approved for a loan and headed back to Kalamazoo. Whew! The offer was accepted and we should close and move in about five weeks. So we have been a tad occupied.
We did get to do some touristing. Visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell, which always sounded, well, corny. But it was pretty interesting and actually pretty impressive. We located a great looking museum and an archaological site/museum to visit when we return. We drove through part of the Lower Brule rez and saw our first prairie dog town. What a bunch of whistlers.
Looking on, I have not been able to find ANY recycling centers for ANYTHING in the entire state. Oh oh. I know it is one of the redder states in the USA, but NO recycling at all? We may have to save stuff up for our family visits. Also, we will have to cut down on plastics and glass. We rarely use anything in aluminum now. But how do you teach kids about recycling if you don't have any recycling centers? We will compost everything we can, even though our house has room for about two square feet of garden. We looked at one house with room for LOTS of garden, but it was 12 miles from work. The house we are buying is within two miles. Lots of new challenges in lowering the old carbon footprint, so I will focus more on that in the future. For right now, its on to packing! Anybody need some used furniture?

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Jenna said...

Congrats about the job. Hope you are able to get your new home, well... homey pretty quick.

Yes, going to see the corn palace is kinda corny, but it IS rather spectactular.

I found this site from a comment you left on Bean Sprouts site and will definitly be checking back to see how things are going in your new home.

Thanks for setting the record straight about the "orange smog" she was refering to. I read her site from time to time, but for someone with such a large readership she gets kinda free and loose with the facts. There is also a tendency to lift from other sites without gaining permission OR checking to see if it really is the case. So thanks for calling her on that.