Saturday, March 22, 2008

Answer a few questions

Donate some eco dough! I just completed an energy questionnaire at a site called The Virtual Forest was interesting and somewhat informative. Be prepared for some odd sounding questions regarding temps(do you set your boiler at 20 degrees or less) and references to the amount of energy you have contracted for. But, you may learn somethings, they send a report with advice for saving energy AND they donate a euro toward reforestation in Bazil. Very cool.

It warn't PT

The quote , "No one ever went broke inderestimating the taste of the American public" is actually from journalist HL Mencken. And here is another for good measure, Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. No fan of government, he.

Ah well

As was to be expected, many of those bold and noble US citizens listened to the sound bites and endless loops on MSNBC, Fox et and Obama has fallen in the polls. Where the fuck does he get off being loyal to his pastor of 20 years anyway?? We don't want none a them angy nigras roun'chere.
My lack of faith in the American electorate has been restored! A quote, attributed to PT Barnum and slightly altered by me seems appropriate here."No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of American voters".

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am the most cynical US citizen I know at the moment. I can't help it, I have just watched politics and corporations(and universities and scientific endeavors etc etc) in this profit driven society for too too long not to be a disillusioned old poop. Today I listened to Barrack Obama's speech regarding the kerfluffle over his pastor's comments about racism and the USA. God, imagine a person of color expressing anger over the US and racism! Unthinkable. If you haven't, you should read Killing Rage by Bell Hooks. Anyway. The speech was remarkable. It was honest and courageous and chock full of what we ALL ned to hear. I liked Obama before, but now, in spite of the corporate connections every politician in the land of bilk and money has to have to get where they gotta go, I am a BIG fan. I have hope. Check out the speech at

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So farsagood

My quest for health continues! I did get the weight bench in from the garage the day before yesterday and did my first workout in about eight months-what a slug! Eating well and doing some food tracking. Not obsessive yet, we had take out yesterday and it was GREAT! Lo Mein and hot sour soup. Not vegetarian alas but very little meat. I need to find a veggie recipe for hot and sour, mmm-m. Today I resolved to learn how to really make this an attractive and useful blog-even if no one ever reads it. I would like to review and say, 'not bad' and enjoy re-reading my blog.
An interesting site if you are doing the get healthy thing is
It has calculators for food intake and analysis, exercise and activity analysis and it is fun and useful. Of course you have to be aware that it uses the government food pyramid which supports the meat and dairy industries. " Danger Will Robinson-Not enough meat servings today!" No matter that you have met your recommended allowance for protein for the day. Ah well. If I find a vegetarian equivalent, I will post it.
Crunchy Chicken tured one year old today! Congrats. Read her blog, it is great.
More later-now to work(out).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fix the Farm Bill

I just read on Crunchy Chicken, a great blog, about a disturbing facet of the current farm bill. It seems that farmers are forbidden to grow anything but commodity foods ( corn, soybeans, rice,wheat) on commodity subsidized land. If they do decide to grow tomatoes for a local market they will be fined they value of the commodity crop which could have been grown! It gets worse. Farmers can't even rent the land so that someone else can grow a non-commodity crop. Holy rotten kumquats! Crunchy has started a write your congress person campaign. Check out her blog and take action!