Friday, April 25, 2008

Da Udder Side

As I was looking for stuff to reinforce my preconceived ideas about eating meat I came across these guys
Sure they have vested commercial interests and all, but they aren't trying to pretend they dont't. As it says at the top of their home page, "Earth Day is a year-round celebration for America’s beef producers. Learn why environmental stewardship is essential to our livelihood and the future of the cattle industry." They say right up front that they are defending their livelihood and they have a version of the whole argument that I haven't ever really paid a lot of attention to so I figured, what the hell. Why not see what they have to say? Maybe, in spite of my godlike statement ,there is some argument in defense of meat production. Maybe it isn't the great satan of environmental destruction. They also have a bunch of links(all-beef sausage?) to support the beefy propaganda, er, position. I am going to do more reading and will give some summary later. In the mean time, I suggest you read Sharon's EXCELLENT post today.

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