Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Farewell, sweet pumpkins

As I have written, we are moving to South Dakota soon to become houseparents for Lakota kids. Now South Dakota has its vistas and big skies. We will be on the Missouri River and it is a dramatic landscape. But it doesn't have Gene The Pumpkin Man. Here in Southwest Michigan, between Kalamazoo and where my dad used to live is a farmer, well probably a few farmers, but none like Gene Rhodes. The Pumpkin Man raises 50 acres of pumpkins and squash, all of which he and his family sell retail from their farm. When you drive by on M43 he grabs your attention with the big orange vintage Caddy, giant play pumpkin, orange doors on the house, orange stand and, in season, many tons of pumpkins on display. He also sells honey and colorful corn and stuff, but what a cool place. Its up on a sort of a hill so all this jumps out at you as you drive by and it is FUN! I'm pretty sure it isn't organic, but it sure is locally grown and it is FUN! Did I just say that? Gene wears a big orange cowboy hat and there are carts and wheelbarrows to get your stuff, in fact the picture on my header was taken at The Pumpkin Man's farm. Everytime I drive by it makes me smile, and that's a good thing. I'm going to miss The Pumpkin Man.

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