Friday, April 18, 2008

Evil Bared

No this isn't about Stripper Zombies( I did watch the trailer for that though) it is about food speculators. Thanks to Greenpa and his apoplectic post yesterday and follow-up today, I learned something more specifically about the wickedness of greed. Food speculation i.e. the buying of food contracts and holding them for profit is a growing problem in the current rise in food prices. In other words, people, men but mostly women and children will suffer horribly so that some people can earn huge profits. This is an oversimplification of course. The speculators and hedge fund vampires aren't causing droughts. They may well be contributing to higher oil prices and who knows what else that that have direct impact on the cost of food. And the reason we know so little about them is because they are so shady. No, not illegal but operating with almost no regulation and as far out of public scrutiny as they can go. Why? Because what they do is evil and I am not being melodramatic here. Well, a little. The results are certainly evil in the case of contributing to starvation and the price of medicines and, as I said, who knows what all.
Greenpa is calling for ACTION. Specifically, write your senators and representative. Demand that they initiate regulatory legislation to bring these vultures into line with civilized humanity. Don't get me started on who is excluded by that label. Sample letter and talking points will be next.


Robj98168 said...

Equa Yona
I don't know that writing my senators or my congress man would do any good. They have been there for years and seem incapable of doing anything, right or wrong. I think we need to bump some heads around in washington.or get Tony Soprano on the case. Seems the only folks who can get any legislation passed are the lobbyists for major corporations.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Yeah, I share some of the same cynicism. In this particular case however, we are aiming at an underregulated financial situation and because of the shitty economy, regulation is more possible than ever. Even themost inert slugs can be moved if enough heat is applied. They may not do anything themselves, but if it comes to voting on a sensible bill, the calls for action may indeed speak to them.