Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I think I will issue a challenge, "The laziest blogger challenge". I win!!!
I would say I have been busy packing, but that's such a lie. We are doing really well with Chile's 'Cut the Crap' challenge though. Well, let me give some background here. See the picture there? I am holding the only thing(of course my darling Claire is not a 'thing',it just worked better in the sentence)I couldn't get rid of in that wheelbarrow. Yes,yes, I love my beasties, hell, we bought a house just so we could take them with when we move! But really, I tried emigrating to Canada in 2002 and packed (nearly) everything I owned in three suitcases. I had one box with photos and papers stored at my dad's place. The only reason I needed three suitcases was because I have big feet and my shoes take up gobs of room. So you get the picture on my own tendencies to accumulate a hang on to stuff. Claire I should say, is making GREAT strides at cutting the crap. Sunday we had a shredding party with her old files full of check stubs, tax returns, receipts. She has tossed about half of her nostalgia trunk, put her cd's into wallet keepers and gotten rid of the plastic jewel cases. We are getting rid of books, old clothes, tchochkes. Just BOXES of stuff. And this is the second great purge in about a year, because we moved last year also(then moved back to this house-another story). I am proud of her and we will have so much less to tote!

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