Monday, April 21, 2008

Is that Rye or Whole Wheat?

I have sent e-mails to my congress peoples and have printed the letters to send them paper copies. I think I will hand deliver the letter to my representative's local office. It is close so I can ride my bike on down. I don't know if he will care, but I will feel good about riding my bike and "Taking Action!!".
I also wrote to a lobbying organization that I have been active with in the past. I suggested this issue of speculation and profiteering in food (see last two posts and as an 'Offering of Letters' campaign. If you are not familiar with Bread For The World I urge you to check them out. If you are offended at anything that has a tinge of Christianity, you won't like them, but believe me, this is no 'fighting fundy' group. This is a pretty sophisticated lobbying organization with a simple central concept; utilize the bunches of people already involved with churches, colleges and other groups to involve more people in advocacy. The Offering of Letters is a way to educate and motivate people who want to help end hunger. They write letters, lots of them. And they help get legislation passed to alleviate hunger in the US and throughout the world. You can read about the campaigns stretching back 33 years on their website.

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