Monday, April 21, 2008

Food First

Talk later. No, Food First -The Institute For Food And Development Policy is another great anti-hunger organization and they have an excellent article here


Beany said...

Good article.

I think the notion that the economy and profits _have_ to go up is as much to blame as deregulation. When I was in school, all our projections assumed infinite growth and it was very difficult for me to grasp that concept since the earth's resources are finite. But the classes in my business school weren't set up to address that problem...and I don't think my school was unique in that manner.

IIRC, India resisted opening up its trade borders to the outside world in part I think based on Gandhian principles of self-sufficiency. But the middle class felt that it was ensuring a slow growth on the part of the Indian economy. One of the presidents who opened up the borders is credited with bringing back the country from the edge of bankruptcy which was apparently due to IMF loans.

And I really dislike this notion of a "free market" It isn't a free market. If it was, there wouldn't be some governing body enforcing the rules (patents for eg.) of the so called free market.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Glad you liked it. Yes, infinite growth, what a concept. World bloat, at least until someone stabs the old knife of reality into it.