Friday, May 2, 2008

Same Old Crap, Different Day

"The Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota is continuing to protest a proposed hog farm in Charles Mix County.Tribal leaders and members say the operation would harm the environment. Long View Farms wants to house 3,350 sows and process up to 70,000 pigs a year at the farm.Tribal members are blocking a Bureau of Indian Affairs road that leads to the site. Long View Farms says the tribe has no authority at the actual farm, which is apparently located on fee land adjacent to tribal land. "

The people standing on a road on tribal land were arrested by sheriff's police and handed over to state troopers. The sheriff of this county is believed to be the father of the contractor who will be installing the electricity for this operation. This is a wanton act of disrespect for the Ihanktonwan Lakota and typical of the strong arm tactics the various levels of government continue to use to destroy the original people of this land.

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Allie said...

This is really sad!