Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moving Days A'Comin

Things are speeding up! We just made arrangements for our Kalamazoo house an hour ago. Thanks be to the Great Mystery(or universe or goddess or karma or all of the above)! It is really good to know the people moving into your house. They are involved in the neighborhood and we feel they will be good neighbore to our good neighbors. We just sold our second car yesterday. It has a quarter of a million miles on it, but it runs well. I thought about donating it but this moving stuff gets expensive. We close on our SD house on the 21st and start work on the 27th. We have the truck reserved, we have some help lined up(at least for loading). sweet C is really sorting and organizing! She took another load to Goodwill yesterday. And now its time for the goodbyes.
We visited my daughter and grandkids in Indiana Monday. You can see that the kiddos and I are totally absorbed watching Veggie Tales. Sweet C is too, but she looks happy about it at least! We are going to visit C's 90 year old Grandma today in Illinois, then we are driving to Chicago tomorrow for my aunt's funeral. She was the last of my mom's sisters and a really sweet person. What a series of visits, what a progression of life. If I were a more profound thinker I am sure I could do quite a lot with this but as it is, I will just leave it alone and sort of savor it all. And we are now about to leave! Be back Saturday.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Allie said...

Good luck with your move!

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Thanks Allie