Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Huh, tagged am I?

As it turns out, Aliie of Allie's Answers has tagged me with a tell seven things meme. Never having done one and since Allie is two of my favorite blogs(she also writes Incidents and Accidents) I shall do this thing.

Here are the rules for ’social-networking’ tag:

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Seven Super Secrets Regarding Me:

1. When I was a kid we used to get fruit from a horse drawn wagon in Chicago.
2. I,too, was a lousy student in high school. I graduated in the bottom 1/4 of my class, but I graduated cum laude from university.
3. I moved from South Dakota to live on a tropical island for two years. Then I moved to Minnesota. Call me a masochist.
4 I have lived in seven different states(but moved back to two of them once more so all told moved to nine states), a US territory and one foreign country. I have never been in the military and I lived in the same state until I was thirty.
5. Since graduating from college I have been a teacher, an ordained minister, a social worker(case manager for folks with developmental disabilities), a counseling supervisor in a domestic violence shelter and I am currently a house parent at a boarding school for Native Americans.
6. My goal for my future is to live on a commune(check out the website of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, www.thefec.org and guess which one I am going to do a membership visit to in July).
7. I was profoundly affected by the Jefferson Airplane's song 'Crown of Creation'; especially the line "Life is change, how it differs from the rocks.."

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Allie said...

Aw! Thanks!

Linking is pretty easy -- highlight the word you want to link. There's an icon that looks like a knot or a chain link -- then click the icon and put the web address in there.

That's awesome that you moved around so much and got to see a lot of the country. Although, as someone who lives in the snowbelt, I don't understand moving from someplace warm to Minnesota! :)

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Thanks Allie, I'll give it a try. Yep, moving has it good aspects and bad, but for me it has been mostly good. When I lived on the tropical island of Tutuilla in American Samoa, I dreamt about snow and winter several times during our first Christmas. I guess I missed winter far more than I 'dreamed' I would(yuk yuk).
And I really liked Minnesota a lot.