Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of my favorite ever children's books, which I have probably referred to before, is a story from the shtetle, the poor Jewish villages of Eastern Europe before WWII. In the story a villager comes to the rabbi to say that he is suffocating in his tiny hut with his wife, children, cats and mother-in-law all crammed together. To make a short story shorter, the rabbi has him bring in first his chickens, then his geese, his goat and then his cow. Finally when the man is tearing his hair out, the rabbi tells him to move all the livestock back outside. the man comes to the rabbi blessing the peace and spaciousness of his dwelling.

As I have been stunned by the horror and devastation in Haiti I realize once again, that my problems(and I have very few at the moment) while annoying and even painful, must be seen in perspective. This and other photos and news of the nightmare of Port Au Prince, where even the presidential palace has collapsed, helps me to see again, it could always be worse.
May I suggest Doctors Without Borders if you choose to donate to help.